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  • Saving Lives For A Living
    News : Posted 07-24-2014

    Saving Lives For A Living

    Mike McClelland had to have known he was going in the drink. Why else would the pro angler have been in shorts, T-shirt and sandals?

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  • From Hoops To Rod Butts
    Story : Posted 07-23-2014

    From Hoops To Rod Butts

    At his first ICAST, Jared Jeffries stood out. That happens when you are 6-foot-11, but his height matters little in fishing, except maybe getting a bit more leverage behind a bent rod.

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  • To Catch A Great White
    News : Posted 07-22-2014

    To Catch A Great White

    With about every imaginable fishing product spread out over 500,000 square feet of showroom, the mission turned into a speed run to find rod, reel and a hook to handle a giant.

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  • New Golden Nuggets
    News : Posted 07-16-2014

    New Golden Nuggets

    Louie Stout, a senior writer for B.A.S.S. publications, said he has seen thousands of similar lures in his 28 years covering ICAST, and that has left him looking for the truly unique new products.

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  • Bison, Bromance Ignited MRA
    News : Posted 07-08-2014

    Bison, Bromance Ignited MRA

    One hunt and the bromance was on. It didn't take Keith Mark and Shawn Michaels long to realize it was the start of a beautiful relationship, namely “Shawn Michaels' MRA.”

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  • Boating Fun Can Turn
    Story : Posted 06-25-2014

    Boating Fun Can Turn

    Boating is a fun pastime for many, but it can turn into a nightmare rather quickly. Proving that are three recent occurrences that required Coast Guard involvement.

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  • All The President's Fish
    Story : Posted 06-20-2014

    All The President's Fish

    Former President George H.W. Bush is a real fisherman. He wasn't a president who had a rod slapped in his hands for a photo op.

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  • Bass to Bow For Swindle
    News : Posted 06-19-2014

    Bass to Bow For Swindle

    Pro bass angler Gerald Swindle is serious about his bow hunting, so much so he's on Outdoor Channel's “Moultrie's The Hit List.” Now he just hopes it doesn't begin to feel like a job.

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  • Mercer Trips To Trophies
    News : Posted 06-13-2014

    Mercer Trips To Trophies

    As a Canadian, Dave Mercer was giddy when the Stanley Cup arrived for a shoot of his “Facts of Fishing” show on Outdoor Channel. Mercer took Bryan Bickell, a forward for the NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks, fishing for smallmouth in Canada.

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  • Knowing The Score
    News : Posted 06-04-2014

    Knowing The Score

    Most sports allow the competitors to see where they stand, providing the score and the time remaining, giving them a sense of what they need to do to win.

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