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Warren Holder

Warren Holder

Hunting has always been more than a hobby for me, no really; even before I could walk or talk my parents had me in the woods with them, instilling that hunting heritage in me. Whether that meant putting me in a backpack to take a walk in the mountains, or shooting badgers and gophers on the Montana prairie, my parents always found a way to bring me along.

It didn't take long for them to realize, they had created a monster, every chance I had, I was right there by their side, filming or hunting (with the exception of a few early mornings, every kid needs his rest). I filmed my first hunt when I was eight years old, and even by then, I had figured out that I loved to film, but I couldn't wait to turn twelve, where I could be the one pulling the trigger rather than the one pushing the record button. Due to MT laws I wasn't able to hunt big game until the age of twelve.

That fall marked the beginning of my very own hunting adventures. Of course dad was right there by my side filming as I tagged my first pronghorn and mule deer with my bow! I always knew hunting was special to me, but after those experiences, I knew hunting was going to be a part of my life. Hunting has given me experiences and knowledge that can not be gained anywhere else.

One of the best things about living in a hunting family is having those experiences with your loved ones. There is nothing like harvesting your biggest buck to date with your dad, helping and filming your little brother kill his first whitetail with a bow, standing on a mountain with your mom as bugling elk start a new day. I am Warren Holder and I am “Raised Hunting”, and proud of it. I'm excited that you have chosen to join us on this journey, and would like to welcome you. Thanks for being here, and welcome to the Raised Hunting family!

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