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Tyler Gateman

Tyler Gateman

WZ Deckhand – Age 26, Vashon Island, WA

Tyler joined the Wizard two years ago, and survived a brutal prank where 1,000 pounds of cod got dumped over his head. The Wizard crew must feel bad for almost killing Tyler with their hazing, as he turned out to be the only greenhorn who could keep pace with the veterans. Tyler proved himself a solid deckhand and hard-working bait boy, earning him a returning spot on the work-heavy Wizard. The final member of the self-appointed “Dream Team,” Tyler has enjoyed his expanded duties on deck in the wake of Freddy’s departure. Although he is still sometimes tasked with greenhorn duties – especially when the bait boys are slacking – he is glad to have passed the mantle of being the official greenhorn to JJ. Look to Tyler to bring some levity and wisecracks to the serious, work-focused Wizard deck.

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