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Explore Utah - A Guide to ATVing, Big Game Hunting, and Trout Fishing

Utah Department of Natural Resources - Our mission is to serve the people of Utah as trustee and guardian of the state's wildlife.

We believe that wildlife is valuable to everyone and work toward three goals:

Agency Goal: Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Resource Goal: Expand wildlife populations and conserve sensitive species by protecting and improving wildlife habitat.

Constituency Goal: Achieve broad-based support for Division programs and budgets by demonstrating the value of wildlife to all citizens of Utah.

For more information about Utah: http://www.utah.gov/

Official State Travel/Tourism Web Site: http://www.utah.com/

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources: http://wildlife.utah.gov/index.php

State bird: California Gull

State flower: Sego lily

State fruit: Cherry

State vegetable: Spanish sweet onion



State agencies often require licenses, permits or certifications for a wide range of activities impacting fish, wildlife and boater safety. States work to prevent overcrowding and control the harvest of game on wildlife management areas. The links below will help you find license and permit information, and how to apply.