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Scott Ferriero

Scott Ferriero

Deck Hand – The Bounty Hunter

Ferriero, whose father was in the U.S. military, was born in Germany but returned to the family’s hometown of Beverly, Massachusetts at age 5. “I’ve fished for my whole life, practically, on and off,” he says. His initial choice of profession, however, wasn’t fishing, but rather working as an electrician for a local contracting firm. As it happened, though, a friend of his employer purchased a large fishing boat, and needed a crew, so Ferriero signed on as a lark, and found that the liked the work. Despite being an avid fisherman and living for most of his life along the Massachusetts coast, oddly, he’d never given much thought to bluefin tuna, since most of the boats at the harbor in Beverly, where he was based, didn’t go out far enough to fish for them. “We were just a small recreational marina,” he explains. After surviving the wreck of another fishing boat in the mid-1980s, he was invited by Bill and Donna Monte, who at the time were also based in Beverly, to go out fishing with them. It was on that trip that he saw and helped catch his first Bluefin. “Seeing one for the first time – I don’t even know the words to describe it,” he recalls. “The whole experience was pure chaos and adrenaline, like I’d never felt before.” Since then, he’s become a veteran bluefin fisherman. The hardest part of the job, he says, is the waiting. “Once you catch a bluefin, you’re like a junkie craving the next fix,” he explains. “But you’ve got to wait for the fish to bite, and wait for the fight.” He also enjoys the hard but satisfying work of getting ready to fish, and the experience of getting an up-close, extended immersion into the ocean environment that few people get the chance to really see. “You’ll be out on the water, and all of a sudden, you’ll be surrounded by 50 whales,” he says. “And you’re the only ones out there to see it. It’s totally amazing.”

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