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    The Land of Fog and Rain: Afognak Island Elk (2017)

    Steve introduces his friends Doug Duren and Mark Kenyon to hunting in "The Last Frontier" by taking them witness a mass caribou migration. Small planes, large bears, loads of caribou, and stunning scenery make this a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

  • :30 AM


    Little Big Solutions (2019)

    Quail and their habitat are studied in Texas.

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    Deadliest Catch

    Put up or Shut up (2009)

    It¹s week four of King Crab Season. Seven souls have perished, but the fishermen soldier on, in the hunt for crab.  Grueling hours and vicious hazing test the Greenhorns -- and some start to crack.

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    Wardens presented by Streamlight

    U.P. Snowmobile Patrol (2018)

    Michigan Conservation Officers in the U.P. have a lengthy snowmobile season to patrol. From sound checks to safe riding on trails, it's never a dull day in the snow.

  • :30 AM

    Booger Bottom USA

    Bedazzled (2019)

    As Michael tries to deal with shipping issues for his Bone Collector merchandise, his wife Christie decides to come work for her husband.

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    Wicked Tuna

    The Ego Has Landed (2017)

    After his mates succeed without him, Captain Dave Carraro is desperate to redeem himself.

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    Welcome To The Yukon (2019)

    After being skunked twice last hunting season, guide Steve is determined to find success with his clients this year. Meanwhile, Jim and his new set of young assistant guides welcome Jim's co-father-in-law, Chet, before setting off on a sheep hunt.

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    Alaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots

    On Thin Ice (2016)

    On a rare day off, Josiah and his friends white water raft where few have gone before - on top of the massive Knik Glacier.

  • :30 AM

    Backcountry Rescue

    3 In 1 Day (2016)

    For Jess, life at home feels out of control. But she's got the work routine dialed in, even as the team is hit with an unprecedented three rescues in under twelve hours.

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    Buck Commander: Protected by Under Armour

    One and Done? (2019)

    Langy gets a Bull down on the first morning! Now it's a race to see who gets the next one.

  • :30 AM


    Orion presented by Ozonics

    Bill Winke, Will Primos and other industry leaders share their opinions about Ozonics and experiences with the product in the field.

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    The Flush

    Sand Lake Refuge Pheasants (2019)

    Travis Frank joins a team of upland diehards to flush pheasants during a special late season hunt on South Dakota's Sand Lake Wildlife Refuge.

  • :30 AM

    Roger Raglin Outdoors

    The Jinx Gets Broken in Nebraska (2019)

    Roger Raglin travels to Nebraska where he finally breaks the jinx on shooting a buck in the Cornhusker state.

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    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

    Navajo Mule Deer (2019)

    Nick Mundt and Owner of Kentucky's Lost Mountain Outfitters are hunting the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona for late season mule deer!

  • :30 AM

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted

    Youth Turkey Hunt (2019)

    On this very special episode we give the show to the kids! Follow along with some talented turkey callers as they hunt for Missouri gobblers during the youth turkey season.

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    Assault and Battle (2019)

    Actor and weapons enthusiast Adam Baldwin hosts a bang-up episode, starting with a legendary battle rifle, the FN FAL. Then he takes us to school on the Soviet AK74.

  • :30 AM

    True Magnum TV

    The One That Jumps (2019)

    The Mountain Lion has James Brion hiking all over the mountain. Bo Morgan's son takes down a ram. Rob Dunham arrives in Africa and start preparation for the hunt.

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    Bow Madness

    Long Time Coming (2019)

    It's been a frustrating four years trying to draw a non-resident archery tag for Rick Malik in Iowa. But this year, it happened. He's headed to Dave Kramer's farm to hunt with Dave and his son Daltyn. It isn't long before the whitetails start falling.

  • :30 AM

    Beyond the Hunt

    At Home In The Sandhills (2019)

    Julie rifle hunts mule deer with her Browning in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

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    Addicted to the Outdoors

    Fishing for Gators (2019)

    Jon and Gina are teaming up with Jack Carlson of Two Conchs Sportfishing to do a swapping of worlds, Jack and his wife will be going after their first alligators and afterwards Jon and Gina will be heading down to the Keys to do some saltwater fishing.

  • :30 AM

    Wild Boar Fever

    The Monteria Ends (2019)

    The monteria drive comes to an end, with all of the hunters finding success. Plus, a look at how the meat is processed and used across Europe.

  • PM

    Duck Dynasty

    Shot Thru The Heart (2013)

    To help John Luke get over his first break up, the Duckmen decide to take him hunting.

  • :30 PM

    Duck Dynasty

    Hallu-Si-Nations (2013)

    With Willie out of town, the guys decide to flake off work and leave to brush up the duck blinds on the Robertson land.

  • PM

    Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman

    Nick's Wild Ride with Nick Hoffman

    Join Country Music Artist Nick Hoffman as he travels the world to explore the sights, sounds, food, culture, and music of the places he hunts and fishes.

  • :30 PM

    Dirt Trax Television

    Life is Better SxS (2019)

    It's a digital detox weekend, as we venture out for a daddy daughter outdoor retreat with the Honda Talon 1000X. TEST RIDE: Honda TRX520 Rubicon.

  • PM

    Realtree Road Trips

    Southern Turkey (2019)

    Join the Road Trios crew and the crew from Spring Thunder to travel all across the southern states in search of the wild turkey.

  • :30 PM

    Eastmans' Hunting TV

    Mule Deer Hunt with the 2018 Eastman's Hunt Winner (2019)

    Hunt with lucky EASTMANS' HUNTING JOURNAL subscriber David Matthias as he joins Guy Eastman in Montana for a mule deer hunt. Matthias was the winner of the 2018 EHJ hunt giveaway an opportunity he won't soon forget!

  • PM

    Shooting USA

    The NMLRA With Mr. Flintlock (2019)

    We're slowing things down for Muzzle Loading and Living History in Friendship, Indiana at the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association's Nationals. It's one part competition and one part living history from the 1820s.

  • PM

    American Archer

    You Can't Handle The Tooth (2019)

    Adam Eller deals with a painful injury while hunting deer in Illinois.

  • :30 PM

    Heartland Bowhunter

    Record Year (2019)

    After getting pictures of an absolute world-class whitetail in Missouri, Skyler knew where the majority of his focus would likely be for the 2018 season. Opportunities to hunt a once in a lifetime deer like this are truly few and far between.

  • PM

    Territories Wild with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews

    BALKAN BUCKS (2019)

    Adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda travels to Bulgaria to hunt rutting fallow bucks.

  • :30 PM

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany

    Tribute to Linda (2019)

    We celebrate the life of our 'Crush Mom' Linda Profant.

  • PM

    Wicked Tuna

    Doldrums and Dog Days (2017)

    Captain Tyler McLaughlin is determined to stay out as long as necessary to best his rival.

  • PM

    Primos TRUTH About Hunting

    In the Wind (2019)

    This week we're waiting for the right wind to get into a high traffic area! When the wind switches to the south, it's game on.

  • :30 PM

    Inside Outdoors TV

    The Iowa Eight (2019)

    Dave struggles in the warm weather of late season Iowa, but a second trip ends with the big Iowa Eight.

  • Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits 8 PM to 12 AM

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    Whitetails in Cattle Country (2019)

    Bowhunter Assistant Editor Brian Fortenbaugh returns for the frenzied whitetail rut in the cattle country of Sheridan, Wyoming.

  • :30 PM

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

    Back to Texas (2019)

    Ted and Shemane return to SpiritWild Ranch for a double on whitetail.

  • PM

    Mossy Oak's Country Roots

    AUTHENTICITY - In Concert with the Land (2019)

    Jody Davis and Jake Meyer hunting in Oklahoma.

  • :30 PM

    Driven with Pat & Nicole

    The Perfect Stalk (2019)

    Pat carefully spots and stalks Chocolate Horn Giants with a bow through the river valleys of Alberta.

  • PM

    Drury's THIRTEEN

    Unsettling Desperation – P8 (2019)

    Terry Drury finds himself desperately seeking 'Curly,' a buck he's been after for years. But to his surprise, a different mature buck makes his debut. Then, a great Deercast leads Mark's cameraman, Wade, to harvest his largest Iowa buck with a PSE.

  • :30 PM

    Critical Mass

    Opportunity Knocks (2019)

    Hunting in mid November with unpredictable weather and buck movement hunters work to put themselves in the right spot at the right time. They're ready to answer the door whenever opportunity knocks.

  • PM

    Under Wild Skies

    Uganda Cape Buffalo (2019)

    Tony Makris heads to Uganda for a Nile buffalo hunt. This is Africa's equator, and the lush greenery and tall grass are both beautiful, and a challenge to hunt.

  • :30 PM

    Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy

    Hockey Pucks and Gnarly Bucks (2019)

    Cody introduces ex NHL'er Ryan Bata to the sport of hunting. And to start him off he throws him in the deep end with a rifle mulie hunt in the heart of Saskatchewan. This story is filled with king bucks rutting like crazy!!!