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Russ MacLennan

Russ MacLennan

Russ MacLennan has spent the better part of thirty years in pursuit of deer. He was born and raised in Eastern Colorado. He has always been more in tune with the outdoors than the indoors and it did not matter if he was chasing small game with a bbgun or grizzly bear in Alaska, he has always felt most comfortable in the field. He started guiding when he was 14 years old with a bird dog he trained himself. He owns operates multiple ranches in Colorado for both trophy class whitetails and mule deer and hunts several other states for deer each fall. Each fall he guides clients to some of the biggest bucks of their lives--and some of the biggest bucks taken in Colorado. He’s appeared on numerous TV series over the years, serves as the President of the Denver Chapter of Safari Club International, and owns the famed ‘Bluffs’ hunt club near Denver.


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