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Roger Schlosstein

Roger Schlosstein

WZ Deckhand – Age 33, Tacoma, WA

Since joining the Wizard four years ago for opies fishing, Roger has proven to be a solid hand. He earned a coveted Wizard jacket at the end of his first season, a sign that Keith sees Roger as a long-term guy for his company. His hard work made him a respected member of the Wizard crew. Roger has stepped up, turning into the type of “go-to” guy that Keith looks for. He’s able to work the rail, count crab, and help in the engine room. The oldest member of the self-appointed “Dream Team,” Keith expects the most out of Roger, hoping he’ll quickly step up to fill the vacuum left by Freddy and Lenny’s departure. If Roger wants to continue on the track, he’ll need to become a licensed Assistant Engineer, something he has expressed interest in pursuing, even though he has yet to take the necessary steps. Roger did take a pretty big step this summer though – he got hitched.

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