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Robby Schlosstein

Robby Schlosstein

WZ Deckhand – Age 32, Tacoma, WA

Brought on by his brother, Roger, to replace a bum greenhorn, Robby has proved he’s from the same reliable stock as his older kin. Robby has officially become part of the Wizard’s solid crew of salty sea dogs. Expect Robbie to keep his head down and get the job done, but not without some grumbling along the way, especially if he thinks he’s getting a bum deal. Last year, the absence of Freddy allowed Robby to expand his role on deck. Keith is expecting Robby to learn a lot quickly, but Robby – along with the rest of the “Dream Team” – has expressed some doubts about a lifetime career as a fisherman. Could the added pressure cause him to break?

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