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Rich Christensen

Rich Christensen

Rich, a native of New Hampton, Iowa has always had two passions, fitness and television. In high school he played football and ran track, while all the time thinking about a career in television. He then went on to the University of Northern Iowa, graduating with a degree in Radio and TV. After graduation he wanted to get more experience in the industry, so he loaded up his 1979 Buick LeSabre and headed to Los Angeles with $600 in his pocket. Rich worked tirelessly for over 15 years before selling his first show to a network.

Rich is the original Creator, Executive Producer and Host of the PINKS franchise. He is very excited to be a part of bringing this show to Outdoor Channel. Rich credits one person for bringing PINKS: ALL OUT back to television, and that is cast member-now Executive Producer Brian Bossone. Rich says, “Brian’s endless work and unique vision for the re-invention of the Pinks brand is the reason PINKS: ALL OUT is back.”

Anyone who knows Rich, knows what a hard worker he is. He has just been named CEO of the newly created Adcock Brothers Studios (formerly Redline Raceway) in Texas, and he has also recently partnered with Pilgrim Studios on one of his latest creations, the human foot speed competition entitled “Top End Speed.”

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