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Primos Hunting Team

Primos Hunting Team

Will Primos

At the age of five, one could already see the passion in Will Primos' eyes. Will couldn't wait until he was old enough to tag along with the older guys on one of the family's many duck hunts. In 1963, an 11 year old Will crafted his first call, a duck call. From that first effort evolved what is now heralded as the most accurate, most reliable call on the market, the legendary Primos Hunting Call. Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you'll here the name Primos. Many call companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species. Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. In 1986 Will decided that people would believe in his product and buy it if they could see it work. The first video Primos put out was called "Spring Turkey Hunting with Primos." Today Primos Hunting Calls has over 100 employees, and manufactures around 300 products. To this day, Will still checks the quality of the calls coming out of the factory. "We have a team of employees who come sit in my office and lay out a sampling of calls, and we check them to see that they've maintained the quality I started with 26 years ago," Primos says. At the end of the day, Primos says, the company's success comes down to quality, and a belief in what they are doing. "Everyone here is a hunter, and if we don't use a product and don't believe in it, we can't market it," he says. "If it's not our heart and soul, we aren't going to do it. We're going to keep on caring about the products that we manufacture - the bottom line is, we are our own customer. That's the foundation of Primos Hunting Calls".

Brad Farris

Brad was born in Jackson, MS and has lived here his entire life. Growing up, Brad could always be found hunting whatever was in season or fishing during the long summer months. Brad worked in an archery pro shop for 7 years then went to Tara Wildlife for 4 years where he guided bowhunters. Brad is currently the VP of TV and Video at Primos and has been with Primos for 13 years. Although Brad has been all over the US chasing all kinds and types of animals, his favorite time of year is when he is at home either filming his daughter Morgan or chasing River Bottom whitetails.

Jimmy Primos

Jimmy Primos has been the Chief Operating Office for Primos Hunting Calls since 1986.

Jimmy graduated from Ole Miss in 1969, served as a Marine Officer in Vietnam, and worked as a Broker for Merrill Lynch prior to joining Primos. Primos Hunting Calls is based out of Flora, MS and is widely known for their Game Calls, The TRUTH DVD Series, as well as Primos TRUTH About Hunting and Primos TRUTH About Whitetails television shows as seen on the Outdoor Channel.

Jimmy oversees the day-to-day operations of the production, shipping, sales and order entry departments. Jimmy also makes regular appearances at many trade shows across the country each year. Jimmy enjoys collecting old guns and shooting firearms in his spare time. Jimmy's favorite thing to hunt is whatever gets him out of the office!

Kevin Meacham

Kevin Meacham was born, and raised in Clinton, MS, where he grew up hunting and fishing with his dad and brothers along the banks of the Mississippi River. Kevin managed Deer Creek Plantation in Port Gibson, MS for 3 years prior joining the Primos Video Team in 2002. Kevin is a TV and Video Producer for Primos and his primary role is arranging the hunting schedule, tags for the Video Team, as well as communicating with the outfitters and landowners prior to the Video Team arriving at their lodge to hunt. Although he gets to travel many great places and see all kinds of game, Kevin enjoys traveling to the Midwest during the rut to chase whitetail deer the most.

Slade Reeves

Slade Reeves has been a member of the Primos Video Team for 4 years. Slade was raised near Montgomery, AL and grew up hunting and fishing with his dad and grandfather. Prior to joining the Primos Video Team, Slade worked for the Alabama Dept. of Conservation editing the Outdoor Alabama TV Show. When not hunting, he spends time fishing and competing in hunt tests with his Labrador Retrievers.

Slade has competed with his dogs in the Grand Hunting Retriever Championships and the Super Retriever Series. He is an Editor and Producer at Primos where his primary focus when not in the field is editing the Primos "TRUTH About Whitetails" TV Show on the Outdoor Channel. Slade's favorite time of year is late winter when the whitetail rut is in full swing in Alabama and Mississippi.

Keith Burgess

Keith Burgess has been with Primos since 2000. His dad began hunting with him at an early age. After school he started farming with his father until the age of thirty in north Louisiana. In 2000 Keith started in our Customer Service Dept. and then joined the Video Dept. in 2003. Keith's hometown is Monticello, LA but he now resides in Bentonia, MS. Keith is an editor/producer for the Video Department and his main responsibilities are to maintain the cameras and equipment as well as care for and inventory guns and other equipment that the Video Team needs and uses. Keith's favorite time of the year is the fall where he can go chase elk in the mountains of Colorado.

Chris Ashley

Chris grew up hunting with his father near Vicksburg, MS where he was born and raised. Chris harvested his first doe at age nine and the rest is history. He started guiding bowhunters at Tara Wildlife in 1995 prior to joining the Primos Hunting Team in 2000. Chris is mainly responsible for updating footage to the main servers for editing when not in the field. In the off season Chris enjoys riding horses and bass fishing. Although Chris has taken numerous deer and big game across the United States and Canada, his favorite time of year is the whitetail rut in the Mid-West.

Cody Kelley

Cody Kelley is the newest member of the Primos Team. Cody is from Louisville, MS. He Graduated from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS where he pitched for 4 years for the Statesmen baseball team. After his senior season, he had a short dip into minor league bus rides. After the 2011 baseball season, he came on board with Primos as a free-lance cameraman in October, 2010. After going back and graduating in May 2011, he joined our Video Team as a full-time employee in July 2011.

Cody began hunting when he was four years old with his dad in the hills of Mississippi. His Father taught him the appreciation and love for the outdoors that has always been passed on. Cody’s favorite time of the year is bow hunting whitetails during the pre-rut. The bucks are up cruising, marking territory, and calling is at an all-time high. As a hunter, he loves the rush of finding sign of a big whitetail, hanging a stand, and it all coming together for that one opportunity.

Cody also enjoys chasing an ol’ weary longbeard in the spring. To him, there is nothing like being in the spring turkey woods at daylight and hearing that first gobbler sound off to the sound of a faint hoot owl. His favorite turkey hunting situation is setting up on a loud Eastern in open hardwoods in Mississippi or Missouri.