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  • Mambas & Puff Adders: Two Killer Snakes of Africa
    Story : Posted 09-26-2013

    Mambas & Puff Adders: Two Killer Snakes of Africa

    He came out of the forest on the right side of the track and raced quickly across the dusty road to the far side; but then he made the last mistake of his life – he stopped.

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  • A Million Years of Erosion
    Story : Posted 09-04-2013

    A Million Years of Erosion

    Intrigued; that's probably the best word to describe my thinking, when this small pedestal came into view. Our safari car had been climbing steadily for twenty minutes and we were approaching the escarpment that defines the plateau, far above the river.

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  • To Climb a Baobab Tree
    Story : Posted 08-20-2013

    To Climb a Baobab Tree

    The mass of this tree was awesome, and it was badly scared from hundreds of years of gouging by the elephants during the dry seasons. The PH, noticing my awe, asked if I would like to climb it.

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  • The Burning of Africa
    Story : Posted 08-16-2013

    The Burning of Africa

    If you like to set fires and burn things up, you're called a pyromaniac – except perhaps in Africa.

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  • Bull Elk at 10 Steps
    Story : Posted 08-06-2013

    Bull Elk at 10 Steps

    Some people say that elk hunting is like spring turkey hunting in Missouri – make a sound like a female; the male responds, comes to the call and you shoot him – simple as that.

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  • The Bear that Killed a Bear
    Story : Posted 07-26-2013

    The Bear that Killed a Bear

    A unique short story of a bear hunt by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA.

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  • Vultures of Africa
    Story : Posted 07-24-2013

    Vultures of Africa

    Vultures are one of the unchanging features of an ever-changing Africa. They cruise around effortlessly in the air currents, all day long, looking for something to eat – generally what's left of an animal that was killed the night before.

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  • Look Out Pumba!
    Story : Posted 06-18-2013

    Look Out Pumba!

    A warthog is a great trophy, but it is generally an animal you just happen onto while hunting something else; and then, it is simply a question of the size of the tusks and whether taking the shot would interfere with your hunting mission for that day.

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