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  • 40-Yard Dash for a Turkey
    Story : Posted 04-09-2014

    40-Yard Dash for a Turkey

    Spring turkey hunting in Missouri can be frustrating; sometimes the gobblers go quiet and other times they gobble their heads off -- hung up just out of range. This morning was the latter.

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  • Crocodile at Fifty Paces
    Story : Posted 03-14-2014

    Crocodile at Fifty Paces

    “Do you want to shoot a croc?” With that simple, unexpected, whispered question from my professional hunter, this story begins...

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  • Rattlesnake at Three Steps
    Story : Posted 03-05-2014

    Rattlesnake at Three Steps

    When the shooting slowed down on my side, I headed over to the other side of the ridge to see how Joe was doing. Hadn't gone far when right in front of me was a four foot rattlesnake laying directly across my path – about three steps away...

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  • The 8mm Nambu Project
    Story : Posted 02-20-2014

    The 8mm Nambu Project

    George Spence was a locksmith at Blytheville AFB, Arkansas, when I arrived there – right out of basic training - in November of 1971. A few months later there was a Q&A, in one of the gun magazines, on where to get ammunition for a WWII Japanese pistol; and the answer was...

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  • Best Prairie Dog Shooting of My Life
    Story : Posted 01-29-2014

    Best Prairie Dog Shooting of My Life

    "Just take the two-track to the right, under the power lines, and follow it till you get to The Reservoir; there are lots of prairie dogs there." Those were the words of the rancher, offering advice about the best prairie dog shooting on his ranch.

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  • Lunch in the African Bush
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    Lunch in the African Bush

    In the larger hunting concessions of Tanzania, it's pretty common to be 50 miles or more from base camp at lunchtime. The plan for the afternoon might be to continue on a particular dirt track or be someplace special near sunset.

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  • We Spent the Night in the Mountains
    Story : Posted 01-04-2014

    We Spent the Night in the Mountains

    At 5:30 in the evening, the three rams abruptly filed down from the rim rock and began to graze on the high, rolling pasture. We had watched a band of nine rams the day before, but...

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  • My Favorite Shotgun for Pheasants
    Story : Posted 12-12-2013

    My Favorite Shotgun for Pheasants

    Guns have been an important part of my life, since I was old enough to shoot –guns to hunt with, guns to shoot, and also guns for collecting. Often I'm asked which gun is my favorite; but there's no simple answer to that question.

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  • My First Cape Buffalo
    Story : Posted 11-11-2013

    My First Cape Buffalo

    Your first cape buffalo will dance around in your mind for the rest of your life, not necessarily because of the size of the trophy, but rather because of the circumstances of the hunt - no matter how routine.

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  • Sara's First Buck
    Story : Posted 10-03-2013

    Sara's First Buck

    It was my job to present my 11-year-old with a deer that would stand still long enough for her to take a well-aimed shot.

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