Short Stories by Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA Founder/CEO | Outdoor Interests | Outdoor Channel
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  • First Safari in Africa
    Story : Posted 09-24-2014

    First Safari in Africa

    It was a typical first safari in Africa. Nine days of plains-game hunting with a standard package of trophy animals and options for many others.

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  • The Croc that Wasn't Dead
    Story : Posted 09-17-2014

    The Croc that Wasn't Dead

    The dirt track ran along the side of the riverbed, through intermittent brush, and occasionally provided a great view of whatever pools were still holding water during the dry season.

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  • Jack and the Beanstalk
    Story : Posted 09-10-2014

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    Everyone knows the fairy tale about Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack didn't actually cut it down; if he did, it grew back because it's alive and well in Africa.

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  • Brenda's Monster Moose
    Story : Posted 09-03-2014

    Brenda's Monster Moose

    The camp was on the side of a hill, overlooking a very large valley with mountains not far to the rear. This was moose country at its very best.

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  • Moose in the Bush
    Story : Posted 08-20-2014

    Moose in the Bush

    The Alaska moose (a.k.a. Alaska-Yukon moose) is the largest big-game animal in North America. They are very interesting to hunt, and as a bonus, they live in some of the most remote and beautiful places you will ever see.

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  • The 'Unorganized' Elk Hunt
    Story : Posted 08-13-2014

    The 'Unorganized' Elk Hunt

    It was the outfitter's first hunt, ever. The guide, he was in his second season and he had never hunted this ranch before. The outfitter had booked far too many hunters...

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  • The Prairie Dog Changed My Life
    Story : Posted 08-01-2014

    The Prairie Dog Changed My Life

    In August of 1971, during a short vacation between college and the Air Force, Brenda and I drove to Devils Tower National Monument, in northeast Wyoming. It was there that I first saw prairie dogs.

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  • Brenda's First Elk
    Story : Posted 07-16-2014

    Brenda's First Elk

    A friend from ATK/Blount said to me “Larry, if you ever want to take Brenda on a nice elk hunt, I can recommend a great place.

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  • My Trophy Zebra
    Story : Posted 05-30-2014

    My Trophy Zebra

    White with black stripes or black with white stripes; that idea never crossed my mind when I lined up on his left shoulder and squeezed the trigger.

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  • Leopard in the Sunshine
    Story : Posted 05-08-2014

    Leopard in the Sunshine

    There was a time, many years ago, when some people thought leopard were nearly extinct; but this was before they came to understand that it was only daylight sightings that were rare – you see, the leopard hunts at night. So this one, in mid-afternoon, was quite unexpected.

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