Short Stories by Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA Founder/CEO | Outdoor Interests | Outdoor Channel
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  • Fine Shotguns and Driven Partridge
    Story : Posted 12-03-2014

    Fine Shotguns and Driven Partridge

    For me, the most interesting part was the shotguns, the actual shooting and the bird drives – twelve in total, over three days. The best reason to own a matched pair of fine English side by side shotguns is to shoot driven birds.

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  • Sunday Go-To-Meetin' Shotgun
    Story : Posted 11-26-2014

    Sunday Go-To-Meetin' Shotgun

    The first event I attended was the Charlton Heston Celebrity Shoot, put on by the NRA. Mr. Heston was there of course, as were lots of other celebrities – musicians, movie stars and politicians.

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  • The History of MidwayUSA
    Story : Posted 11-19-2014

    The History of MidwayUSA

    The business was simple in the beginning; we specialized in the sale of new and used guns, ammunition, reloading supplies and handgun accessories, with only 960 square feet of display space.

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  • The Arrowhead Hunter
    Story : Posted 11-12-2014

    The Arrowhead Hunter

    Dad collected arrowheads; he had a cigar box full of his best ones. I don't recall that he actually took the time to hunt for them. He likely just picked them up as he walked while hunting, fishing and running his trap lines.

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  • Once in a Lifetime Moose
    Story : Posted 11-05-2014

    Once in a Lifetime Moose

    The horses took us down the mountain, across the creek and up the other side, where we tied up 500 yards downhill from the bull. When we first saw him, he was standing out at about 325 yards. Cole, Matt's guide, asked if I could hit him at that distance.

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  • Hula Popper and the Big Bass
    Story : Posted 10-29-2014

    Hula Popper and the Big Bass

    Though he went for mostly for food, not sport, dad was a reasonably serious fisherman, from my perspective. I have vague memories of some of the stories dad told about the big fish he had caught, either with hook and line, or his bare hands.

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  • First Rifles for the Kids
    Story : Posted 10-22-2014

    First Rifles for the Kids

    Introduce your children to what you love, all while teaching them safety and gun responsibility.

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  • Rainbows on the Firesteel
    Story : Posted 10-15-2014

    Rainbows on the Firesteel

    In the wild and remote areas of western Canada, they use the term “fly-out” fishing. The only way to get you to most of the best streams and lakes is to “fly-out” from base camp in a small plane.

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  • Dad's Guns
    Story : Posted 10-08-2014

    Dad's Guns

    Gilbert was his given name, but everyone called him Bert, and he was a pretty good hunter and trapper. For dad, a gun was simply a tool he needed to hunt for food and to run his trap line.

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  • Cutting-Edge Computers of 1982
    Story : Posted 10-01-2014

    Cutting-Edge Computers of 1982

    When we opened in 1977, our cash register was the most complicated piece of electronic equipment in the gun shop.

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