Short Stories by Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA Founder/CEO | Outdoor Interests | Outdoor Channel
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  • A Worthy Shotgun for 'Wabbits'
    Story : Posted 03-18-2015

    A Worthy Shotgun for 'Wabbits'

    Rabbit hunting is something I never give much thought to until after the first of the year. For me, it's just a matter of priorities.

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  • Winchester Model 60 .22 Rifle History
    Story : Posted 03-12-2015

    Winchester Model 60 .22 Rifle History

    There's nothing in my childhood memories about shooting or hunting with a single shot .22 rifle. Dad had an old worn-out falling block .22, of some sort that he used for killing hogs for butchering, but I don't remember ever shooting it.

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  • Things I've Learned About Shotguns
    Story : Posted 03-04-2015

    Things I've Learned About Shotguns

    As a shooter, a hunter and a gun collector, it's been my great fortune and pleasure to study and shoot an example of pretty much every popular shotgun made during the last 150 years – at both targets and birds.

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  • The Winchester Model 67 Project
    Story : Posted 02-25-2015

    The Winchester Model 67 Project

    In total, 46 employees customized a .22 rifle, changing the perspective of all and the lives of some.

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  • My Favorite 30-30 Rifle
    Story : Posted 02-11-2015

    My Favorite 30-30 Rifle

    It just seems right for a man to have a 30-30 lever-action rifle and to find the time to use it for its intended purpose. For me, that's mostly white-tailed deer and coyotes, with an occasional rattlesnake and some target practice.

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  • Hornets, Wasps and Bees: Stories of Encounters
    Story : Posted 02-04-2015

    Hornets, Wasps and Bees: Stories of Encounters

    We were engaged in conversation when I took a swig of beer. Immediately it was clear that there was something in my mouth besides beer; I spit it out, but not before the bee got his stinger into my upper lip.

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  • Dangerous Game: Let's Get Closer
    Story : Posted 01-14-2015

    Dangerous Game: Let's Get Closer

    My guide asked how far I was comfortable shooting. My response was simply that 300 yards was about it. He said, “Good, some guys claim they can shoot at 500 yards and I'm always afraid they will wound the bear.”

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  • My Backup Pheasant Gun
    Story : Posted 01-07-2015

    My Backup Pheasant Gun

    If the word “backup” means lesser value or importance, then it isn't proper to call this gun a “backup,” because it's very special to me. You see, a gentleman should always take two shotguns on a pheasant hunt, just in case he has a problem or needs to loan one to a friend. A backup gun doesn't have to come from the back row of the gun vault.

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  • A November to Remember
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    A November to Remember

    We named it “Grand Central Station” back in 1985 when we first hunted there. In the fall, deer often move through this area all day long as there are large tracts of woods on the east, west and the north, with the necks of the crop fields all coming together in an old fencerow.

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  • Nothing Like Deer Camp
    Story : Posted 12-17-2014

    Nothing Like Deer Camp

    Deer camp is one of the most cherished traditions in the hunting community, and for good reason. It's a gathering place for multiple generations of family and friends, many of whom see each other only during that special time.

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