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  • Dealing With Poachers
    Story : Posted 08-31-2015

    Dealing With Poachers

    Life was good for the new country landlord until one morning he heard a gunshot, then two, three, five and more. They were close–on his property.

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  • 5 Summer Hunting Species
    Story : Posted 06-01-2015

    5 Summer Hunting Species

    If you are a hardcore hunter, summer is the one time you get a slight break. From the close of turkey season until the first day of early archery, there is a three-month lull where you can reacquaint with the family, get the house in shape, and the yard mowed.

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  • The Three Ultimate Bass Rigs
    Story : Posted 05-06-2015

    The Three Ultimate Bass Rigs

    Many of today's anglers all too often seem to have the enthusiasm to get themselves all psyched up for a big day of fishing only to find themselves coming in at the end of the day with only one or two bass.

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  • Crankbaits 101
    Story : Posted 04-27-2015

    Crankbaits 101

    I don't know another lure with more size, shape, and color variations than the crankbait.

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  • Live Lining for Stripers
    Story : Posted 03-03-2015

    Live Lining for Stripers

    Rockfish (more commonly known as Stripers) are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay right now, want some tips on how to catch them?

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  • Rabbit Hunting Musts!
    HowTo : Posted 12-18-2014

    Rabbit Hunting Musts!

    Although most rabbit hunters bag a few cottontails or swamp rabbits on each trip afield, certain techniques can bolster your success. These tips should help you better enjoy the experience of rabbit hunting this season.

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  • Handguns for Deer
    Gear : Posted 12-05-2014

    Handguns for Deer

    Handgun hunting for deer is the ultimate challenge for a firearms deer hunter. Is it the extreme test of hunter stalking and shooting skills, so if you are looking for a new deer hunting experience to reinvigorate your hunting, then give handgun hunting a go.

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  • Getting Started with a Crossbow
    Story : Posted 12-01-2014

    Getting Started with a Crossbow

    Deer hunting with archery gear was something I always wanted to try. I did, too, for several years until I lost my hand grip coming down a wet tree stand ladder and pulled my shoulder doing a lunge grab just before falling.

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  • How to Find the Right Draw Weight for YOUR Bow
    HowTo : Posted 11-26-2014

    How to Find the Right Draw Weight for YOUR Bow

    Yanking a heavy bow back is a badge of honor for some bowhunters. However, if you shake like you're suffering from hypothermia when drawing or holding your bow, consistent arrow groups will elude you.

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  • Photography Tips: How to Take a Good Shot With Your Trophy
    HowTo : Posted 11-24-2014

    Photography Tips: How to Take a Good Shot With Your Trophy

    You've just killed the buck of a lifetime and now you've got the chance to capture the moment for all of your friends and family to see. Don't blow it with amateur photography. Follow these tips to take better field photos.

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