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Ole Helgevold

Ole Helgevold

SG Engineer / Relief Skipper – Age 65, Anchorage, Alaska

“If there’s a bounty on its shell, I’ve fished it,” longtime fisherman Ole says. The most veteran of Jake’s veteran crew, Ole started crabbing in 1972. He fished with Sig Hansen’s dad, Sverre, and once spent four hours evading Russian capture while fishing for opies. Ole and his boat, the Arctic Dawn, were even featured on America’s Deadliest Season, the progenitor to Deadliest Catch. Those are just some of the highlights to his long and storied career. Ole has been out of the game a little while, but after splitting from his wife, he has come out of retirement to return to what he knows best: crabbing. Last season, Ole was the chief on the Saga as a favor to longtime friend and boat owner, Lenny Herzog. He also provided crucial support for Jake, imparting his wisdom and experience to the young captain. Ole once again plans to be on board and draw upon his wealth of experience to advise Jake as a mentor and friend.

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