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Nick McGlashan

Nick McGlashan

SMB Deck Boss – Age 29, Missoula, Mont.

This will be Nick’s fifth full season working with Wild Bill, having quickly gained Bill’s respect due to his “old-school derby style.” Born and raised in Akutan, Alaska, Nick grew up crabbing on the Bering Sea with his father, Bruce, who is also a longtime friend of Bill’s. Nick has a wealth of experience, but he’s also a clown who loves to make people laugh on deck, often at the expense of others. If someone is not doing their job, he will surely give them hell for it. Bill feels Nick has the capability to run a boat, but believes that “you can’t be a captain if you’re drinking to Nick’s level.” Despite his previous history of showing up to the dock intoxicated, Nick is still an asset to Bill on deck – the only thing that spared him from being fired for being a liability on land. Last season, Nick was quick to show initiative, quickly fixing equipment malfunctions and seizing opportunities to log hours in the wheelhouse. As the new season approaches, Nick has an opportunity to further solidify his position as the heir apparent if he can prove to Bill that he will not backslide into his self-destructive tendencies.

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