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Neal Hillstrand

Neal Hillstrand

TB Engineer – Age 49, Anchor Point, Ala.

Although he’s occasionally called the “Night Nazi” by the crew, of all the Hillstrands on the Time Bandit, Neal is by far the quietest. The former deckhand is usually in charge of boat maintenance and cooking duties, though last season he hauled almost 50% of the pots. Neal is generally reserved, but with his son, Axel, and now his other son Phillip on the crew (periodically), maybe Neal will open up about their relationship and their futures on the Time Bandit. It’s also very possible he will remain silent, except when lighting the occasional firecracker. Though he helped get the boat ready for departure last year, Neal was absent for kings, handing over his engineering duties to Eddie Sr. But it’s a possibility he could this year return to take the reins for a trip or two.

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