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Relief Captain Monte "Mouse" Colburn

Relief Captain Monte "Mouse" Colburn

Age 52 – Incline Village, NV

Despite their differences, Keith has voiced full trust in Monte’s ability, often noting his brother is one of only a handful of guys in the fleet with a Masters 1600-ton captain’s license. Monte also rebuilt the whole engine on the Wizard, about a $100,000 job. He may be the only person on the Wizard capable of calming his erratic brother, but it remains to be seen how much autonomy Monte has earned in Keith’s eyes. Though Keith trusts him, the brothers are often at odds on how things should be run. Monte got a big taste of being in charge during the prep for last king season. With Keith being late, and without an engineer, the bulk of preparing the Wizard to leave Dutch fell on Monte’s shoulders. And when Keith couldn’t drive the boat out to the grounds, it was Monte who again stepped up for his older brother. After relieving Keith in the middle of bairdi season, Monte looked to right the ship. However, the Wizard’s struggles continued, its production further mired with low numbers and careless mistakes from the bait boys. As morale plummeted, Monte was ultimately forced to mediate a growing feud between his bait boys. A steady presence amidst the rough waters, Monte remained patient and, after hitting a honey hole of crab, reached the quota. As the new season approaches, the burden of responsibility falls on Monte to continue holding the operation together.

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