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Captain Keith Colburn

Captain Keith Colburn

Age 53 – Fall City, WA

Last year, Keith’s health deteriorated and his marriage ended, causing his personal demons to take over. Although he is sober at sea, his drinking caused the Wizard to depart late for kings season. After a rough start, Keith resolved to start turning around his life. In an effort to get some exercise, he started working one string on deck a day. His alliance with the Time Bandit has blossomed into a genuine friendship with Johnathan Hillstrand – even turning to him for “therapy” on the Bering Sea. Bairdi season posed another set of challenges for the vulnerable captain. Plagued by rough weather and low numbers, Keith’s woes were further compounded by his bait boys who routinely neglected to prep the bait station. In a desperate attempt to change his fortune, Keith appealed to his daughter to perform a “crab dance,” a good-luck ritual that has worked in the past. Unfortunately, there was no such luck this time. After consistently pulling low numbers, Keith admitted defeat, opting to turn the helm over to Monte for the remainder of the season. Now, Keith is back. A first-generation crabber, Keith fishes with a chip on his shoulder. His vulnerability and battle with addiction from last year is over, as the skipper has put his life back together with hard work and dedication. The hardened Bering Sea skipper we know and love has returned, and is ready to show the world he means business.

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