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Karin Holder

Karin Holder

Hi my name is Karin Holder I am a proud mother, a Christian, and a hunter. Like many of you I was "RAISED" hunting, but because I was a girl I was not ‘expected’ to be a hunter… especially not a bow hunter. It wasn’t until I met my husband David Holder (founder of ARO and now Raised Hunting) that, with his encouragement, I began my hunting career.

It’s hard to believe that I took my 1st deer over 20 years ago. David and I have since had two boys, Warren and Easton, and our family has become tightly woven into the outdoors. Some of our fondest memories have been created while we are hunting. David and I feel as though we are closer to our kids because of our outdoor lifestyle, and I have to say it’s very special to see how excited my boys get when mom “bags the big one”.

I have been bow hunting now for close to 2 decades and have been blessed enough to take several animals and multiple species with archery gear and with a muzzleloader (something I am liking more and more). I get a lot of comments from both men and women “that they don’t expect to see a professional woman like me out hunting”.

I truly hope that through our website and videos you will see how blessed we are, and that someday we might share a camp together and you will see for yourself just how spectacular and what an impact hunting together can have on you and your family.

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