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Captain Johnathan Hillstrand

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand

Age 54, Homer, AK

Johnathan may wear the raspy exterior of a veteran crabbing captain, but he is truly a child at heart. Notorious for his shenanigans, the skipper is always looking to spice things up with pranks, competition, or just some good old-fashioned explosions. Johnathan is divorced with two kids, and family is very important to him. But John knows his time on the water is running out. It’s not all fun and games with the battle-scarred skipper nowadays, as Johnathan has been taking over the majority of at-sea duties from a business-minded (aka land-based) Andy. Although Johnathan faced a challenging opies season – juggling a rotating crew, breaking in greenhorns, and struggling to find decent crab – he still managed to squeeze in a little fun. He ordered the crew members to get mohawks in hopes of turning their luck. His superstition paid off; shortly thereafter, the newly shorn crew uncovered a treasure trove of crab and finished the season strong, a testament to Johnathan’s leadership, however unconventional it may be.

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