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Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Throughout his first 10 years of trophy hunting, Miller spent the majority of time chasing giant whitetails in the big woods of Northern Wisconsin. But then, in 1986, he decided to do his first ever out-of-state hunt in Alberta. The grueling six-day hunt yielded one of his best whitetails up to that point, a beautiful 150-class 6×5 typical.

Not only did taking that buck whet his appetite for more out-of-state excursions, it also triggered enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with other serious deer hunters. In late 1986, Miller began writing and selling his first magazine articles. His first piece, which appeared in the September 1987 issue of North American Whitetail Magazine, dealt with using antler rubs and rub-lines for patterning and hunting mature bucks.

Greg Miller’s career in the outdoor industry has undergone several dramatic transformations since that initial article was published. From his first appearance on television with Realtree Outdoors back in the mid-1990s, to his contributions to Hunter’s Specialties PrimeTime Bucks videos, to a co-hosting gig with North American Whitetail Television, Miller’s path has led him to produce, create and host In Pursuit with Greg Miller.

Miller is often asked how he spends his free time. His response, ”A lot of people don’t believe this, but I don’t get a lot of ‘free time’”. Literally the day after the hunting season ends and the cameras stop rolling, Miller goes into production for the next 26-week run of In Pursuit TV. His crew is also kept busy with trade and consumer shows throughout the winter months.

When Miller does get downtime to relax, he spends it chasing giant smallmouth bass and eater-size walleyes on one of the many lakes near his home in northern Wisconsin. His favorite fishing partners are his wife Geralyn and black lab, Duncan.

Greg Miller has been hunting whitetails for over 40 years, but didn’t really become infatuated with big bucks until the late 1970s. To say that he was bitten hard by the “infatuation bug” would be a great understatement. Having spent nearly all his available free time during the late 70s and early 80s attempting to increase his wealth of understanding of mature buck behavior, Miller didn’t know it at the time, but his intense quest to learn more proved to be a very wise investment of time and energy.