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Gary Soper

Gary Soper

WZ First Mate/Deck Boss – Age 53, Anchorage, Alaska

If there is one person Keith can rely on to keep his crew on point, it is longtime first mate and deck boss Gary Soper. With over 20 years of fishing experience, Soper has been for the Wizard exactly what he has tattooed on his right arm: an anchor. The grizzled and hardened hand is known for his relentless hazing of greenhorns and his propensity for the occasional dirty joke. As a mainstay on the Wizard, Soper receives the entire crew’s respect. Last year, with the departure of Freddy and Lenny, Soper found himself increasingly taking on the role of teacher, helping the self-appointed “Dream Team” to learn the rail, the hydros, and the deck to keep the Wizard running. Expect Soper to remain a tireless staple on the Wizard deck, accompanied by his dry quips and honest commentary.

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