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Freddy Maugatai

Freddy Maugatai

TB Deckhand – Age 41, Unalaska, Alaska

First one on deck, last one to leave, this Samoan stud’s work ethic is exactly what a captain would want in a deckhand. Freddy seamlessly meshed with the stout crew of the Wizard until he drank too much and missed the Wizard’s departure for bairdi. Feeling disrespected, Captain Monte Colburn fired him. The Wizard’s loss is the Time Bandit’s gain. Brought on to the already crowded deck, Johnathan hoped Freddy would whip his young crew into shape. And he did … but his pride in working hard also turned him into a bit of a rail hog. Still Freddy remains a positive force to the young crew on deck, even taking greenhorn Phillip under his wing. Freddy’s positive energy and spontaneity (he once jumped onto a dead walrus at sea) should continue to fit right in with the Time Bandit. Look to Freddy for great, positive, and unpredictable moments on deck.

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