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Gear Posted 07-15-2014

Breakthrough LED Technology

Breakthrough LED Technology

By: Balista

New lures demand attention; anglers and fish alike react to advances in technology so it’s not surprise that the introduction of Balista’s LED technology into the international marketplace is making a stir. Balista is an Australian company launching a diverse range of lures all featuring our revolutionary LED technology.

The art of deceiving fish with lures is a balance of skill and choosing a lure that imitate baitfish. Lures that have the most strike factors catch the most fish. Marine biologist Jamie Seymour from James Cook University in Cairns, Australia played a pivotal role in developing the technology to consist of the most effective flash frequency, colour and vibrancy, for maximum results.

Each lure comes with lithium batteries that last an impressive 120+ hours, just cast the lure into the water and the LED starts flashing. The lure de-energizes when removed from the water, which turns the LED off automatically.

“The LED increases both the strike rate as though it’s a baitfish, it also increases territorial responses. Both responses give rise to greater catch rates and that’s what it’s all about.”
- Jamie Seymour, Marine Biologist

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