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Gear Posted 07-14-2014

BOTE's Stand-up Paddle Boards


By: BOTE Boards

ICAST is the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel and The Mule is set to caravan BOTE Boards for yet another year in promoting the stand-up paddle board (a.k.a. "SUP") fishing industry this time in Orlando, FL July 15-18.

As pioneers of the SUP fishing industry, BOTE wouldn't miss the chance to showcase our latest and greatest rides and accessories.

BOTE team rider, Chris Lewis

BOTE team rider, Chris Lewis, is well known for his SUP angling antics. Check out Chris' most frequently asked questions:

1. What is the best board to fly fish from?
For someone with fairly decent balance looking to do mostly day trips I would recommend the BOTE HD. For bigger individuals or someone looking to take their dog or do long range trips the AHAB would be perfect!

2. What advantages do the BOTE boards have over other SUPs for fly fishing?
One of the best features of the fishing boards is the deep V nose. When fly fishing or sight fishing stealth is one of the most important factors. The V nose helps cut down on hull slap which allows you to sneak up within feet of even the spookiest fish!

3. I purchased a SUP, now how should I rig it?
I would recommend starting with less. It's natural to bring everything and the kitchen sink when you start. This makes things more complicated while fishing and adds weight making the board sluggish. The more years I fish, the less I bring with me.

4. So what do you bring?
A paddle, two fly rods, a waterproof backpack with flies, leader and camera. Bug spray, sunscreen, go pro, and a mushroom anchor tied to my tackle rack. Also safety equipment like a pfd and whistle. For longer trips I load up my 35qt yeti with water and food.

5. Okay, I purchased my board and have all my equipment. What else can I do to have a successful fishing trip?
The number one thing to do is pick your days wisely and be patient for a good weather window. The SUP is not a motor boat, you can't just pick up and leave when the conditions turn bad. That being said the SUP has the advantage that you are always fishing from the time you launch until you leave. It forces you to fish an area instead of running around all day chasing your tail. Make a plan. Try to plan routes that offer protection from the wind by utilizing islands and banks. Try to have the wind and or tide at your back for your paddle home. The better the weather, the more likely you will catch fish and have a enjoyable trip!

6. I bought a board and haven't been having any luck. How come I can't catch any nice fish?
These things take time and determination! Do your research and practice! You may only get a couple chances at a good fish per trip. Although it can be tough it is a much more rewarding and personal experience to land a trophy fish on the SUP!

BOTE team rider, Chris Lewis

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