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Story Posted 01-19-2010

At The Range At SHOT - What's New at Bass Pro Shops

By: Lindsay Promack,

At The Range At SHOT - What's New at Bass Pro Shops

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Outdoor Channel was able to travel to 2 separate media events on Monday, January 18th, as part of the SHOT Show festivities. The Desert Sportsman's Rifle & Pistol Club and the Boulder City Pistol & Rifle Range both opened their ranges up to the writers and media members that cover the outdoor world. First up, the Desert Sportsman's Rifle & Pistol Club in northwest Las Vegas in the morning where the weather at the range was raining and cold. This media day heavily featured Browning, Winchester, and Taurus products, and all of the manufactures had plenty of new toys on display, ready for members of the media to use and review.

Browning had a good representation of their new models of its Cynergy shotguns, T-Bolt rifle, X-Bolt rifle, Maxus shotguns, and Citori shotguns, all out on the range, all being tested by those in attendance.

Winchester Ammunition was present on the range also, showing off many of their new products, such as:

  • Supreme Elite PDX1 12ga - its tight pattern is the ideal load for personal defense

  • Supreme Elite PDX1 .410 shotgun ammo - designed specifically to work with both shotguns and 410 handguns. The load is a great personal defense load for close quarters encounters.

  • Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 - according to Winchester, the PDX1 maximizes ballistics as demanded by FBI test protocol, resulting in ammo that retains its weight, has maximum stopping power, and will perform through tough barriers

  • Ballistic Silvertip Lead Free - designed for varmint hunting, in calibers of .223 Rem and 22-250 Rem

  • Power Max Bonded - designed with the deer hunter in mind. Great performance at a great price.

  • Oliver F. Winchester Commemorative line, celebrating 200 years since Oliver F. Winchester's birth

Also on the range was Winchester Repeating Arms. They introduced many new firearms this year including:

  • Model 94

  • Safari Grade Model 70

  • Super X3 20 shotguns

Taurus was on the range as well, and they introduced its newest Judge - a scaled down Model 4510 "Public Defender". People in attendance could shooting many of Taurus' handgun throughout the range, including the Judge Public Defender. Shooting Gallery's own Michael Bane was in attendance, and he shot the Taurus 410 Judge with the new Winchester PDX1 self defense ammo. Here is what Michael Bane had to say about the Taurus and the PDX1 ammo:

"The success of the gun has caused major ammunition production from manufacturers to meet the consumers' need. The new PDX1 ammo when used with the Taurus gun is a serious public defense weapon. The PDX1 410 ammo is a load unlike anything on the market. In each cartridge are 3 disks, essentially 3 slugs. Behind those disks are BBs. Basically, each cartridge is a self contained unit composed of disks and BBs. For a defense weapon, the PDX1 is a great self defense cartridge to go along with a great self defense sun."

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Media Day coverage from the Bass Pro Shops Media Day from the Boulder City Pistol & Rifle Range. And continue to stay tuned to for all of the news from SHOT Show 2010.

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