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Story Posted 01-19-2010

At The Range At SHOT - The Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol

By: Lindsay Promack,

At The Range At SHOT - The Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol

BOULDER CITY, Nev. - On Monday, January 18th, was present at the Bass Pro Shops Media Day At The Range event, and we spoke with C.R. "Van" VanDerscoff III, Armorer and Firearms Instructor for Beretta USA about what new products Beretta had for 2010. Here is his breakdown of the new for 2010 Beretta PX4 Storm pistol.

The pistol is a Special Duty version, made to the demanding specifications required by SOCOM.

The "4" in the product title refers to the 4 different calibers the gun is available in: 40cal, 45cal, and 2 different 9mm - 9x19 NATO and 9x21.

Distinctive in its appearance due to the two-toned black and "dark earth" color scheme, the colors actually serve a function other than to make the pistol look good. SOCOM wanted Beretta to create the Special Duty with two separate colors to break up the lines of the gun. Because of the broken color scheme, it is harder to identify the weapon from a distance.

Other features included:

  • Manual safety
  • Magazine carries 9+1
  • Magazine extender allows you to add 2 more rounds
  • Weather resistant material
  • Waterproof, heavy-duty case is custom fitted to pistol

Stay tuned to for more new products, videos and information from SHOT Show 2010.

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