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Story Posted 01-19-2010

At The Range At SHOT - Ultralight Carry 45ACP & Ms. Sentinel

By: Lindsay Promack,

At The Range At SHOT - Ultralight Carry 45ACP & Ms. Sentinel

On Monday, January 18, traveled to Boulder City to the Boulder City Pistol & Rifle Range for the Bass Pro Shops Media Day to check out what was new for 2010 from 50-plus outdoor exhibitors. We stopped by the Wilson Combat booth and I got the chance to speak with John May, Sales Manager for Wilson Combat. Here's what he had to say about 2 of their exciting new products for 2010.

They have a new pistol, the Ultralight Carry 45 ACP. The gun is full size, yet has a lightweight frame, in a 1911 style, chambered in 45 ACP. Some of the new features:

  • Rounded butt
  • G10 fiber grips in the starburst patterns, with radial cuts which the helps you manage the recoil
  • The front slide has lightning cuts, which they call Wilson Carry cuts
  • Bottom of the slide is embeveled
  • Concealed hammer and grip safety
  • Lightweight carry package in a full-size gun

I got to shoot the gun, and the gun felt really good in my hands, well balanced with the magazine in and still felt balanced with the magazine out, and very light considering the fact that it was a full-size 45. The Starburst pattern in the G10 carbon fiber grip helped get a good, solid grip around the gun, and having that solid grip helped deal with any recoil. I was fairly accurate shooting, which surprised me considering this was my first time shooting this particular model and the fact that I'm used to shooting at 9mm. Overall, I was very impressed with this gun. Very light, which is important when dealing with guns for carrying purposes, but the gun is still a full-size gun.

At The Range At SHOT - Ultralight Carry 45ACP & Ms. Sentinel

Lastly, John had me take a look at their new Ms. Sentinel handgun. He said that this was Wilson's "ladies" self defense concealed carry weapon. This gun featured many of the same features as the Ultralight Carry 45, and had a really stunning look to it esthetically speaking. The features of the Ms. Sentinel include:

  • 9mm caliber
  • Concealment hammer and beavertail grip safety, both designed with a smaller carry profile
  • The option of having "Ms. Sentinel" engraved on the side of the slide
  • Tactical thumb safety
  • Rounded mag release for easier fit in typically smaller women's hands
  • Starburst grips with radial cuts, like the Ultralight 45
  • Carry cuts
  • Slightly smaller trigger (John called it "medium length")

This gun was designed with women's self defense and concealed carry in mind (note the optional "Ms. Sentinel" markings), but this is a fine handgun for both men and women. I had the opportunity to shoot it, and the gun didn't feel exceptionally small, and it had a very smooth fire and recoil. The gun felt balanced, and again, the Starburst pattern really helped get a good, solid grip on the weapon.

Overall, Wilson Combat has some exciting new products for 2010, and we look forward to seeing them on the floor of SHOT Show 2010 to give further looks to their line of products.

Stay tuned to for more new products, videos and information from SHOT Show 2010.

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