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Easton Holder

Easton Holder

I am seventeen years old. I am currently and will always be, I guess; the youngest member of "Raised Hunting". Like my brother I have been shooting a bow since I was two. Unlike my brother, who has killed a bunch of stuff, I have only been able to hunt for a couple years. With a few deer and turkeys with my bow under my belt now, I am ready to start looking for something even bigger.

We recently moved from Montana to Iowa, so, I guess that means I may have to wait a bit to shoot an elk, but we have some deer around here that almost look like elk. This year, my sights are set on killing a bigger buck than my brother, calling in and shooting more turkeys than him, and my dad promises, that If I keep practicing we will return to Montana, for me to finally hunt an elk, I will be holding him to that.

Make sure you check out all of mine, and my brothers hunts from this year, but watch even closer over the next few years as "the real hunter in this family, just gets started". I guess they are also going to make me keep running the camera as well, maybe if I didn't do such a good job behind the camera they might let me get in front of it more.

I doubt it, my dad and my brother think they are "the cool ones" on camera, I think they are pretty goofy, so write emails or facebook us, and tell them I should be the one in front of the camera, then I could be the one always shooting, that would be "awesome". I am Easton Holder thanks for your help and thanks for watching! If you can't tell we do have a lot of fun putting this stuff together for you!

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