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Doug Larsen

Doug Larsen

Doug Larsen has been duck hunting for 40 seasons. He first found work during his high school and college years as a waterfowl guide. He then progressed to becoming a shooting and fishing guide in both Alaska and Argentina. He has managed sporting lodges, enjoyed a fifteen year run as a very successful outdoor travel agent, developing over twenty international shooting properties. Doug has been fortunate enough to enjoy shooting in more than twenty countries-including countless trips to Canada and more than one hundred trips to Argentina. He has competed successfully in shotgunning and duck calling competitions locally and nationally. Doug hunts waterfowl over 50 days each season and manages one of the most productive private marshes in Ohio, with excellent puddle duck shooting on Sandusky Bay. He has written two best-selling books on waterfowl hunting, and is in the process of completing a third. Doug has appeared on numerous outdoor television programs, and was the host of Waterfowler’s Edge for two seasons in 2010-2011.. Doug’s column on waterfowling appears in each issue of The Retriever Journal, and his work regularly appears in Ducks Unlimited magazine. He also writes a weekly blog on shooting and travel, which is located at:


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