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DJ Phalen

DJ Phalen

DJ Phalen is the chief field operative for boonDOCS and one of its medicine instructors. In addition to his full time job as a clinical supervisor at a trauma center in San Diego, he is a nationally registered EMT-1 who keeps his skills honed as a member of the elite medical unit of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Team. DJ is also trained and certified in technical rescue, swift water rescue, tactical medicine, mountain rescue, high altitude medicine, disaster medicine, and sports injury prevention. He also remains active serving as a medic with the federal disaster medical team, DMAT CA-4.

Whether traversing the desert country of California, fishing in the Ozarks, or simply walking the local trails with his family, DJ is acutely aware of the hazards that can pop-up in the outdoors, and is always looking for the safest, most proven ways to deal with them. Outside of the hospital, DJ enjoys taking his wife and two young daughters on frequent outdoor trips (or just around their 6 acre mountain property). He is an avid trail-runner, hiker, and general outdoor adventurist, and he subscribes to the principles of Leave No Trace. DJ also keeps busy as a Muay Thai instructor! He holds a Bachelors of Science in Public Health (with high honors) and is currently working on his Masters in Homeland Security (Disaster and Terrorism Concentration).

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