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David Holder

David Holder

If I’m not bow hunting then I’m preparing to bow hunt and if I’m not preparing, then I am talking about a bow hunt, and if you happen to catch me during one of those rare instances where I am not talking at all… you can bet, more than likely… I’m thinking about something that has to do with a bow hunt.

As far back as I can remember all I have ever wanted to do is spend every moment in the outdoors. At age 16 I discovered a bow and arrow and the desire I had for just spending time outdoors became an understatement. I became obsessed not only with the chess game played with the crafty critters I preyed on, but also with the desire to learn everything possible about my prey.

I’m the founder of Raised Hunting, and (as if you couldn’t tell) I absolutely love to bow hunt. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with guns or any other weapons, I just find that the contest between man and animal is much more personal from inside 40 yards.

My wife Karin and two boys Warren and Easton are now asking the same questions and showing signs of an ever growing obsession. We take family trips; we just happen to take our bows with us, we go for walks; o.k. they are scouting trips, my kids write essays at school about our last or next hunting trip, and I am quite sure that they are the only kids in their class that have shared their latest archery kill for show and tell.

I know this is supposed to be my bio, and I do realize how fortunate I am to have taken over a hundred animals with my bow, and I couldn’t be happier as a Christian, American, father and a husband, however, the defining part of my families and my life, is that we were all Raised Hunting.

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