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Stuffed Goose (Recipe)

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12 Days of Christmas, Style

In the spirit of the Christmas and the Twelve Days of Christmas carol, we will review the year with some favorite stories, columns and recipes.

Crockpot Venison Korean BBQ'

On the twelfth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, twelve mouth-watering venison recipes.

"Crockpot Venison Korean BBQ" One of the best ways to cook venison is low and slow in a Dutch oven or a crockpot.

"Hot Italian Venison Sandwich" The secret to this recipe is the homemade Italian dressing mix.

"Venison Roast" Cook something special with this recipe from Crush with Lee & Tiffany.

"Venison Cheeseburger Soup" Delicious homemade venison cheeseburger soup that is easy to make and a guaranteed belly warmer.

"Homemade Venison Jerky" You'll never buy store bought again after tasting this, and you'll also save money.

"Grilled Venison Wrapped in Bacon" Tender and delicious.

"Venison Roast with Noodles" Your family will enjoy this crock pot venison roast recipe.

"Wild Game Sausage Scramble" Transform simple scrambled eggs into gourmet breakfast fare when you make your own wild game sausage.

"Crock Pot Venison in Cabernet Sauce" This is one of those meals that tastes like you spent all day preparing it.

"Grain and Dairy Free Venison Meatballs" Just like spaghetti and meatballs, but with zero guilt.

"Marinated and Grilled Venison Medallions" Friends and family will beg you for this venison recipe.

"Crock Pot Venison Lasagna and Homemade French Bread" Seasoned perfectly with gooey cheese makes this a favorite.

Tips for Planning Your Deer Hunting Trip'

On the eleventh day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, eleven deer hunting tips from Deer Camp.

"Tips for Planning Your Deer Hunting Trip" You can't count on just "luck" to bag a great buck on your next hunting trip.

"Trail-Cam Surveys: More Than Just Pretty Pictures" Those who run summer/fall trail camera surveys will go into the season knowing exactly what they need to do in order to create a better deer herd.

"'Plotting' Your Deer Season" What to consider when planning your food plots.

"Four 'Driven' Tips for Hunting Success" Tips from well-known white-tailed deer hunting experts, Pat and Nicole Reeve.

"Strategies for Big, Aggressive Bucks" If you’re hunting in an area where you know there is an aggressive buck, take a shot at using calls, scents/lures and even a decoy.

"The Practice of Buck Sorting" Deciding which buck to tag depends on the hunter and circumstances.

"Ten Factors to Ponder When Choosing Pre-Rut Hunting Stands" What to consider when determining the best chance to take down a big buck during the pre-rut period.

"When You Need to be in Your Deer Stand this Fall: Best Times to Hunt" How to know precisely when to be in your treestand.

"The Highs and Lows of Decoy Hunting" If you’ve had issues getting bucks into range, then a decoy could be the best thing to close that gap and pull off the shot.

"Five Ways to Turn October's Lull into a Bucktober Celebration" Follow these five tips designed to get you in the big buck game during the so-called October lull.

"How to Find the Right Draw Weight for YOUR Bow" Diagnosing an over-bowed archer isn’t difficult.

Ten Tips for Home Firearm Safety'

On the tenth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, ten firearm safety tips.

"Ten Tips for Home Firearm Safety" Top Ten safety tips firearm owners should remember to help ensure they are taking responsible precautions with firearms in their home.

Destination Alaska Part I: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier'

On the ninth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, a nine-part series of an RVing adventure to Alaska.

"Destination Alaska Part I: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" The beginning of an RVing adventure.

"Destination Alaska Part II: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Oh, Canada! Heading Northwest.

"Destination Alaska Part III: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Cinnamon Buns and Yukon Gold.

"Destination Alaska Part IV: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Reindeer Sausage, Glaciers and Gut Parkas.

"Destination Alaska Part V: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Stunning beauty, crazy signs and the Fourth of July.

"Destination Alaska Part VI: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Giant chickens, gold dredge, and pipeline pigs.

"Destination Alaska Part VII: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Butchart Gardens, Water Taxis and Vancouver Island.

"Destination Alaska Part VIII: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Center of the Universe, Smokejumpers and Gatling Guns.

"Destination Alaska Part IX: A 66-Day Trek to the Last Frontier" Petrified Wood, Prehistoric Mud and 1,067 Gallons of Gasoline.

Wildlife: Never-Ending Supply?'

On the eighth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, eight warden stories from Behind the Badge with Carlos Gomez.

"Wildlife: Never-Ending Supply?" 104 freshly killed ducks and geese.

"Game Wardens Are People Too" Carlos Gomez, a long-time game warden, hopes to relate two primary points about game wardens.

"Hell Bent to Write a Ticket" A revered old warden who was described by some as a strict man whose wife must have beat him every morning before sending him off to work...

"Warden Magic Tricks" Game wardens depend heavily on sportsmen partnerships to protect wildlife.

"Testing Ethics with the Urge to Win" A couple of fellas who had won a big-buck archery contest with a very nice 10-point trophy.

"Youth Are the Future, Careful What You Teach Them" If YOU don't take the time and energy to expose and share our hunting heritage with youth, who will?

"Love for Robin Hood" A bowhunter who wanted to be a “Robin Hood,” but not in a good way.

"Bad Warden, Three Feet Away" Unfortunately, it's a common part of a game warden's job to be liked by some and hated by others.

7 Tips to a Better Revolver'

On the seventh day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, seven tips to a better revolver.

"7 Tips to a Better Revolver" A good revolver won’t let you down.

Three Keys to Good Scattergun Shooting for Fall Pheasants'

On the sixth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, six wingshooting hunting features.

"Three Keys to Good Scattergun Shooting for Fall Pheasants" Follow these shotgun shooting tips, designed to help increase your wingshooting efficiency.

"Hunters Scarce, Dove Are Not" Suggestions to get in on late season dove action.

"7 Dove Shooting Sins to Avoid" Avoid committing these seven wingshooting sins as you go afield.

"Keys to Early Teal Success" A wingshooter willing to get the basics right and put in a little sweat equity, the early teal season can be duck hunting at its finest.

"3 Ways to Haul Duck Hunting Gear" Want to get your duck hunting gear from one access location to another? Three gear items can help.

"Duck Hunting: Take It Easy" Some alternative tactics that allow you to hunt smart, not hard for web-footed, winged prey.

Red River of the North'

On the fifth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, five catfish stories.

"Red River of the North" Even the best channel cat fisheries rarely produce 30-pounders, but Canada’s Red River is an exception.

"100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish" Louisiana 12-year-old sets state record with Mississippi River catch.

"Dynamite Baits for Flathead Catfish" Excellent flathead baits you can and should try.

"Fall Flatheads" November is a prime month for waylaying big Mississippi River flatheads.

"Thanksgiving Catfish" A pure white catfish caught on Thanksgiving Day.

The Professionals Score Four'

On the fourth day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, four Golden Moose Awards for Jim Shockey's The Professionals.

"The Professionals Score Four" Shockeys, Crush, Nugent highlight stirring Golden Moose Awards.

Michigan Monster Nears 200'

On the third day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, three monster bucks.

"Michigan Monster Nears 200" A massive 12-pointer.

"Eva Shockey Arrows Huge Saskatchewan Buck" A monster October buck that is destined for the record book, the Shockey dinner table and an Outdoor Channel television show.

"'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'" Ohio hunter nearly in tears after taking buck nearing 200.

Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up'

On the second day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, two shed hunting features.

"Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up" Lee and Tiffany Lakosky trained their black labs to hunt shed antlers.

"The Revolution with Jim & Trav’s Shed Hunting Tips" The boys discuss shed hunting and tips on how to become a better shed hunter.

New Queen of Hunting'

On the first day of the Christmas, Outdoor Channel gave to me, a new queen of hunting.

"New Queen of Hunting" Eva Shockey is only the second women to grace cover of Field & Stream

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