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Bowhunting Roundtable 2014

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Dave Watson of ‘Mathews TV' enjoys his life in Arizona. (Courtesy Dave Watson) News

Watson's Suite String Music

Dave Watson carries a bow as well as a guitar and knows how to use both. As former guitarist for the Oak Ridge Boys and current icon of the outdoor TV industry, he pulls strings on both a bow and a guitar -- an entertainer who hunts and a hunter who entertains. Read More

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    Arizona's Best Bow Bender

    Early inhabitants of what we now call the American West hunted without benefit of gunpowder and some still follow in those footsteps today, opting for bow and broadhead instead of big bore. View

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    Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs

    Bow hunters need a good exit strategy, especially if they've ever left an arrow sticking in a deer. Ralph Cianciarulo of “Archer's Choice” said one of his bow hunting tips is to match their kinetic energy to the broadhead selection. View


Bowhunting Roundtable 2014

About Bowhunting Roundtable 2014

The Bowhunting Roundtable is a media only event held at PASA shooting park in Barry, IL where the Who's Who of archery manufacturers meet one on one with the media to get hands on exposure and use of the latest product offerings. Outdoor Channel is giving you an inside look at the products coming out for the hunter and bowhunter in late 2014 and early 2015. Welcome to the Bowhunting Roundtable!

Featured Items

  • How to Choose the Perfect Bow

    How to Choose the Perfect Bow

    We're all getting anxious as archery seasons are opening soon around the U.S. You may be considering purchasing or ordering a new bow for this season, and I'll take you through the steps of determining what to look for.   Read More

  • Jerrell Dodson sits his office at Archer's Advantage in Little Rock after a full day helping outfit bow hunters from across the state. (Mike Suchan photo)

    6 Tips Bowhunters Should Know

    As an owner of Archer's Advantage, Jerrell Dodson's been selling bows and archery equipment for more than 20 years and “using much longer.” If you need bow hunting tips, he's the one to ask.   Read More

  • Arrow Affliction's Chris Brackett chases snow geese with his bow. (Courtesy Rick Hamm)

    A Snow With A Bow?

    Chris Brackett has skills, but most would think he had too much of an "arrow affliction" when he went after snow geese with a bow. Yet that's exactly what the host of Outdoor Channel's "Arrow Affliction" and "Fear No Evil" did, taking his Diamond out to a pit in central Illinois to try to take down flying snow geese.   Read More

  • Ralph Cianciarulo

    Archer's Choice Bow Buying Tip

    Archery shop owner Jerrell Dodson says he finds bow hunters to be notorious procrastinators. They're slamming his shop with last-second fixes, but if you're looking for a new rig and accessories, he and other outfitters will likely make the time.   Read More

  • (Courtesy of The Hunt with Greg and Jake)

    Do-It-Yourself Bow Hunting

    This past November, Jake Miller accomplished what many hunters can only hope to accomplish in a lifetime. And he did it in eight days! In the heart of the whitetail season, Jake pulled out all of the stops, while also filming and producing for "THE HUNT with Greg & Jake."   Read More

  • Summer Archery Checklist

    Summer Archery Checklist

    June is the halfway point on the calendar and is highlighted by the longest day of the year: the official start of summer on Friday, June 21 this year.   Read More

  • The earliest proof of bows and arrows being used comes from cave paintings in Valltorta Gorge in Spain.

    Brief History of The Bow

    The earliest proof of bows and arrows being used comes from cave paintings in Valltorta Gorge in Spain. Men are aiming bows at game, several of which with arrows protruding from them. They date to 20,000 BC.   Read More

  • Practical Bowhunting Practice

    Practical Bowhunting Practice

    The best way to improve your accuracy and confidence in real life bowhunting hunting situations is to spend time practicing in those exact environments.   Read More

  • Don't Hate the Crossbow

    Don't Hate the Crossbow

    Crossbows are currently enduring what compound bows battled years ago; claims that their use will decimate deer herds and ruin the "sport" of archery. The same goes for 60 percent let-offs. The old stick-and-string was simply becoming unrecognizable to the elitists and purists of archery, and they didn't like it.   Read More

  • A statue of Fred Bear, a bow hunter, manufacturer, author and TV host, is regarded as a pioneer in the bow-hunting community, greets visitors to the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum. (Mike Suchan photo)

    Take a Bow

    The icons in the industry, the people who have drawn back and hit their target in the world of archery, are represented at the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum.   Read More

  • Staff member Jody Morphew (right) shows a bow to Tommy Norton, who requires a longer draw than most. (Mike Suchan photo)

    Compound Therapy

    If Tommy Norton couldn't bow hunt, he says he'd probably go crazy. It's his solace, his sanctuary, his therapy. Making sure he'd be able to enjoy the upcoming deer season had him more than an hour from rural Hot Springs home on a Saturday afternoon at Archer's Advantage.   Read More

  • ATA Trade Show Helps Fund Archery And Bowhunting

    ATA Trade Show Helps Fund Archery And Bowhunting

    The ATA Trade Show is the only archery and bowhunting show that dedicates net revenues to fund archery and bowhunting programs, projects and industry growth. This means every company that attended the 2010 Show made an investment in its own future.   Read More

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