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Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski

Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski

Age 59, San Carlos, Mexico

Once notorious amongst the fleet for being a rugged maverick, Wild Bill’s age continues to show in his softened demeanor (as well as his silvering mane). Over the past few years, “Wild” Bill has conducted himself more like “Mild” Bill, though the random imbecile deckhand still draws his ire. Absent for much of Zack’s childhood, Bill has recently begun cultivating a relationship with him, and believes that Zack has the potential to move into the wheelhouse – but Bill manages to create conflict with Zack at every turn, and has seemingly driven Zack away from the boat for this kings season, and most likely opies. Bill often favors Nick McGlashan, an ambitious deckhand who shows initiative to seize the coveted captain’s chair. Last season, during several equipment malfunctions, Bill noticed that Nick would not hesitate to fix the problems while Zack watched from the sidelines. Bill seemed unable to motivate his son, who finally admitted that he has long-standing resentments with his father. Bill now questions if he can successfully pass the torch to Zack or if he has to reluctantly concede that his son has decided to forge his own path. His father-son issues aside, Bill needs to make sure his first season as owner operator goes off without a hitch.

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